“Rowe is the one place I can truly be myself”

“Rowe inspired me to follow my creative passion”

“Because of what I learned at Camp, I am
going to college to be a social worker”

Woodside Week Update:

Thank you for contributions during Woodside Week; Rowe alumni are continuing to accept donations towards Woodside camperships in 2022 and beyond. Donate today!


Support The Woodside Campership Program

Woodside Week – August 22-28, 2021

At Rowe youth camps, all of our programs take place in an environment of intentional community based on the very simple (yet very radical) notion that everyone is worthy of acceptance and respect, and that another world is possible. We want that magical, life-affirming experience to be available to all young people, and we are working to remove socio-economic and cultural barriers to our camps.

Message from the YPROGS Committee

The Youth Programs Advisory Committee supports the Woodside Campership fund each year through the generous contributions of alumni, friends, and supporters of Rowe Camp. As this summer comes to a close, we are beginning to reflect on the amazing experiences campers have had and we want to ensure that camp continues to be accessible to all young people. Our goal during Woodside Week is to raise $12,000! Every dollar Rowe receives will go directly towards the youth camperships. Please help create a Rowe community that reflects our global community. Donate today and further your impact by telling 3 friends about our campaign.

Zoe Donnelleycolt, Phoebe Westwood, Coleen Murphy, and the Rowe Youth Programs Advisory Committee

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

We believe that every human being has inherent worth and dignity. At camp, we practice this by empowering young people to play, explore, and learn about themselves and others in an environment that is both liberating and nurturing…

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

…Our programming fosters age-appropriate critical thinking and reflection as much as it does curiosity, creativity, and joy. This provides the means to explore essential topics like power and diversity, friendship and intimacy, and technology and society at any developmental level…

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

… Campers are challenged to balance freedom and self-expression with compassion for and responsibility to themselves and others. Campers, as a body, take an active role in decision-making and envisioning the future of camp, and their contributions are what make each session unique….

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

…By doing these things, we aim to empower campers with a strong sense of community and sense of self, to be active voices in their own communities and their lives, and to make the world a better place for all.

About The Margaret Woodside Campership Program

Named after beloved camp director, cook, mentor and friend, Margaret Woodside, The Woodside Campership Program currently offers two types of camperships.

The Cultural Diversity Campership:

The goal of the Cultural Diversity Campership program is to ensure that our camp community is as diverse as the global community. This campership is open to any individual who is part of a cultural background traditionally underrepresented in the summer camp community. This includes but is not limited to individuals of African, Asian or Latin American descent, or members of an indigenous community. One of the things that sets our program apart is that once awarded, Campers are guaranteed funds for their entire camp career! Cultural Diversity Camperships cover up to 100% of the cost of camp.

The Economic Diversity Campership:

We believe that the camp experience should be available to as many young people as possible, regardless of socio-economic status or financial circumstances. The Economic Diversity Campership (previously known simply as Camperships) is available to all families facing economic hardship or who would otherwise have difficulty affording camp. Funds are allocated based on need, special circumstances, and funds available and cover up to 50% of the cost of camp. Economic Diversity Camperships are awarded on a per year basis and must be reapplied for each year.

What is the Rowe Youth Programs Advisory Committee?

The Youth Programs Advisory Committee focuses on the sustainability, growth, quality, and well-being of Rowe’s youth- and young adult- focused programming. We are former campers, staff members, board members, and current representatives from the camps who work together in support of Rowe.

About Rowe Camps

Rowe is a place where young people can be themselves without fear of judgment and where they learn that all humans, regardless of age, deserve a voice and a vote. At Rowe, paths are found and life long friendships are forged. Rowe is so much more than just a summer camp!