Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm EST*

November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

*Note: On November 6, we switch from EDT (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) to EST (Eastern Standard Time), so remember to set your clocks back one hour and bear this in mind if you’re in a different time zone

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As with our other online programs, the live sessions will also be recorded, so you can participate live AND/OR by watching the recordings.

The info to access the recordings will be shared after you register. Recordings will be available for 6 months.

About The Program

Check out Perdita Finn’s upcoming on-site program, Abortion as Initiation, and her articles, Mothers of the Dead: Abortion as Initiation and Where are the Dead Now?

Take Back the Magic is an invitation to intimacy and healing with the dead and the lived experience that none of us is ever alone and no one is ever lost to us.

Everyone has psychic abilities, but we live in a culture where we have been taught to mistrust our natural intuitions. We have been conditioned to fear the darkness, the dirt, and what were once everyday conversations with the dead. Why have various religions tried to keep women (and men) from this sacred work? How do we recover our lost relationship with our ancestors? How do we summon them and receive their messages?

In this five part online program, we will explore the forgotten powers of the dead and how they can lead us to the realm of magic and miracles. To reclaim our lost conversations with the dead is to remember who we really are and why we have been given this precious life.


Session One: The Dark, the Dirt and the Dead

We begin by exploring how patriarchy has disconnected us from the complex entanglements of karmic and biological root systems. How are the dead and the living woven together as one? Who are our dead? How do we identify them? How do we move beyond patriarchal lineages into the complex entanglements of karmic and biological root systems?

Session Two: Summoning the Dead

The dead are all around us—beneath us and before us. There are many ways to remember and honor this wisdom. But the dead will guide us to the particular practices and devotions that are suitable for each of us. Most of all they will guide us to trust our own intuition. We begin by acknowledging the presence of the dead and making space for them in our hearts. We will talk about altars to the dead, sensory summonings, traditional prayers, and the power and magic of calling upon our litanies of names.

Session Three: Collaborating with the Dead

How do we create beneficial relationships of healing and empowerment with the dead? Why do we have to give the dead something to do? What kind of assignments are appropriate? How do we work with the difficult dead, those beings with whom we are still angry or mistrustful? What happens when we create a team of the dead to work on intractable problems? How do we express our gratitude to the dead when they deliver?

Session Four: Communicating with the Dead

Those we loved on the other side are always reaching out—but most of us were conditioned as we grew up to tune out the messages we were receiving from the other side. How do we relax our sensory gating so that we can recover our natural intuitive powers? What are some traditional methods for recovering our natural intuitive powers? How can we reinvigorate our inner powers of discernment when we speak with the dead?

Session Five: Becoming the Dead

What happens in our lives when we reconnect with the long story of our souls? How do we do this? How does reincarnation “work?” Who have we been? Who will we be? What does it mean to recognize ourselves as the very dead to whom we pray? How do these renewed relationships bring magic into our lives?

Meet the Presenter

Perdita Finn

Perdita Finn

Perdita Finn is the author of the forthcoming Take Back the Magic (Running Press, 2023) and teaches popular workshops on collaborating with the dead. With her husband Clark Strand she is the founder of the international fellowship The Way of the Rose and the book of the same name, dedicated to the earth, the rosary, and the Lady “by any name you want to call Her.” She lives in the mossy shadows of the Catskill Mountains with her family, bears, owls, ferns, woodchucks, white pines, hemlocks and maple trees.