May 26th-28th

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About The Program

Check out Ed Tick’s upcoming program, Soul Medicine: Healing through Dreams, Visions and Oracles; his articles, The Gods May Be Watching, Coming Home After War and Point of View; and past sessions of the group that he and Kate Dahlstedt co-founded with Rowe, Gathering of Warriors.

This retreat honors the original spirit and meaning of Memorial Day by gathering all people who wish to heal the effect of war on themselves, their families, and our nation.

Memorial Day began during the Civil War as a day set aside to honor and grieve the fallen from both sides. All of us, especially our veterans and their families, feel the effect of war and need such sacred times, removed from life’s pressures, to reflect and heal from our war wounds, losses, and concerns. Ed and Kate have worked with veterans and their families for nearly three decades. They invite you– whether you’re a veteran, active-duty military service member, family member, helping professional, or other caring civilian– to join this Memorial Day intensive retreat. They’ll introduce you to a pioneering method of healing by exploring the inner world of combat and the universal dimensions of warriorhood through storytelling, self- and family testimonies, history, mythology, cross-cultural ceremonies, and more. You’ll practice guiding warriors and civilians on the journey to restoring wholeness, working together to help rebuild identities, shrink trauma, and bring meaning to tragedy.

Meet the Presenter

Edward Tick

Edward Tick

Edward Tick, PhD is an archetypal psychotherapist, author, educator, poet and international journey guide. He is Director Emeritus of Soldier’s Heart, Inc. and on the Board of the Western Mass. Jung Assoc. He is the author of eight books, including The Practice of Dream Healing: Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine, and the award-winning War and the Soul. He has been a healer for over 40 years and has led more than 20 pilgrimages to Greece to study, replicate and restore the sacred and holistic healing traditions. His next book, The Future of Ancient Medicine, will be published in the fall of 2022.

Kate Dahlstedt

Kate Dahlstedt

Kate Dahlstedt, M.A, has worked with veterans and their families for over 27 years. She founded Soldier’s Heart with her husband and partner Dr. Edward Tick, and she directed the Soldier’s Heart Military Families Project and Athena’s Shield for Women Project, connecting women from around the country through teleconferencing for support and to share the impact of war on their lives. She provides consultation, training, supervision and advanced education to other professionals and clergy, organizations, communities and colleges on veterans’ emotional and spiritual concerns. Kate holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology as well as post-graduate certification from the Hartford Family Institute. She has maintained a private practice for nearly three decades, is an experienced group leader, and has additional clinical experience in sexual assault, Hospice and college counseling. She is a published writer of journal articles, poetry and anthology chapters and has also been an adjunct professor at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY.