Tuesdays, 1-2:30pm EST

November 9, 16, 23, 30, December 7

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As with our other online programs, the live sessions will also be recorded, so you can participate live AND/OR by watching the recordings.

The info to access the recordings will be shared after you register.The recordings are available indefinitely, so you can watch (or re-watch!) any time.

About The Program

Check out Mary Reynolds Thompson’s article, The Pulse of the Wild.

i am the throat
of the sandia mountains
a night wind woman
who burns
with every breath
she takes

–Joy Harjo


The Mountain Woman Archetype represents your power to stand in your own magnificence and bring all of yourself to the world. Patriarchy is designed to topple powerful women, to have them remain small and insignificant. We women have been told it’s okay to be gentle foothills but never a soaring Everest. But in these seismic times, as institutions and systems fail us, our inner Mountain Woman begins to stir and rise. Down in the ache of all the broken and wounded aspects of our Self and world, something new is bubbling up. We sense it as a psychic tremor, a thundering in our hearts, the shaking of the earth beneath our feet. 

As you awaken to your Mountain Woman self, she asks you: Are you ready to take the risk to become fully yourself? Are you ready, as a Mountain Woman, to remake the map of the world?  

Each session will be 90 minutes long and will offer multiple writing prompts. There will also be opportunities to share what you write in small, intimate groups. The work is creative, deep, and imaginative, and it allows for many different styles of writing techniques, from poetry to prose. No previous writing experience is necessary. 

In this online course, you will:

  • Explore the archetypal significance of Mountain Woman in your life
  • Reclaim the power of truth-telling and authentic action 
  • Learn how to tap into your essential self to help remake the map of the world
  • Write from a truer, fiercer, and more realized self

Throughout the sessions, you will be inspired by quotes, poetry, embodied exercises, writing exercises, and meditations. You will also be offered writing prompts and explorations between Zoom calls to take the journey even deeper. 


In our first session “Remaking the Map of the World” you will:

  • Examine what archetypes are, how they work within us, and what the Mountain Woman represents to each of us
  • Explore how and when someone tends to encounter the Mountain Woman archetype and what she comes to teach us
  • See how you can embrace disturbances in the field to serve your creativity and agency
  • Write from your Mountain Woman Self
  • Be inspired by poetry, quotes, and the ability to hear others’ voices

In our second session “Dancing with Friction” you will:

  • Explore the creative power of opposition, collision, and friction in our lives
  • Experience how volatility is essential to creativity
  • Move into a special music meditation to help you “shape and shift” your energy
  • Journal about the power of “unlearning not to speak” and of being willing to be misunderstood

In our third session “Breaking Open to Breaking Free” you will: 

  • See how acknowledging the ache of your broken and wounded aspects allows something new to bubble up
  •  Learn the art of Mountain Woman to celebrate the fractures and the fault lines
  • Begin to work with and write about the new story that is emerging through the cracks

In our fourth session, “Aligning with Your Essential Self” you will: 

  • Explore your bedrock values and how they differ from the cultures
  • Examine the differences between vulnerability and victimhood
  • Tap into a deep-time perspective 
  • Write about what you are ready to take a stand for


In our fifth session, “Shifting to Transformative Power” you will:

  • Redefine power through the lens of Mountain Woman 
  • See how power is connected to creativity and community
  • Reflect upon the images that have arisen and continue to arise during this course
  • Write about what is rising in you, now? 

Meet the Presenter

Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary Reynolds Thompson is the author of Embrace Your Inner Wild and Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness. She is also an instructor for the non-profit TreeSisters, a facilitator of poetry therapy and journal therapy, and a certified life coach who has helped thousands of people discover and live their Wild Soul Story. She is the founder of Write The Damn Book, a program that guides writers on the heroic journey from procrastination to publication, and is a core faculty member of the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.