Friday-Sunday, Nov 5-7

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*Plus housing if on-site

On-site or Online!
We are delighted to offer this program simultaneously online and onsite so that participants can join through either format. The program cost is the same for either format. On-site participants, of course, pay an additional housing fee; for details, see On-Site Conference Rates & Cancellation Policy. If demand for the online format is too high, we will reschedule the online portion for the weekend of Nov 12-14 and will notify those who have signed up.

About The Program

Graphic Medicine is the making and “reading” of illustrated narratives about caregiving, illness, recovery and health. The emerging field has a range of documented physical and mental health benefits, from reducing blood pressure, anxiety/depression, and insomnia to improving treatment response. Framing and reframing your stories in words and images gives you control of your narrative. Sharing the narratives over the weekend is transformative (often cathartic)—the empathy you will extend and receive will make you part of a healing community. Suzy will give you a safe, playful environment and a series of tried-and-true writing and visual exercises designed to help you get your experiences into a form where you can “read” them. The weekend will include a mix of a little lecture/demo, lots of making with individual coaching/conferencing, some discussion and sharing (optional), likely a little crying, and plenty of laughing. Recommended for writers, artists of all levels, as well as those in the medical profession, and health practitioners with no writing/art experience.


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11/5 8:15- 10pm EST Friday night, first session
11/6 9:15am -12:15pm EST Saturday, second session
11/6 3:15-6:15pm EST Saturday, third session
11/6 7:45-10pm EST Saturday, fourth session
11/7 9:00am-1:00pm EST Sunday, fifth session

Meet the Presenter

Suzy Becker

Suzy Becker

Suzy Becker is an author/illustrator and a New Yorker cartoonist. She  began her career as an award-winning advertising copywriter, then founded The Widget Factory, a greeting card company. Her first book was the internationally bestselling All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat, now in the Double-Platinum edition All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat (And Then Some). She has  since written and illustrated nine other books for kids and grown ups, including the graphic medicine memoirs I Had Brain Surgery, What’s Your Excuse? and One Good Egg.