I Support Rowe Because ......

…it's my spiritual home and always feeds my soul in myriad ways.

Sharyn D.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…I am committed to creating a future where people lift each other up

– Rowe has done that for me!

Scott H.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…it's a place where you can go to nurture your spirit while pleasing your mind.

Cynthia B.

I Support Rowe Because ......

it gives young people the opportunity to grow, learn, and create in a radically loving environment.

Chelsea R.

Support The Rowe Center

Since 1924 The Rowe Center has provided a space where people can come together and once again be in touch with their inner selves, be rejuvenated, and bring the light back out into a world that is in such need of love and support.

Keep Rowe Strong

Rowe Camp and Conference Center has always been a place where people have been able to come to reflect, learn, heal, and return to their homes refreshed in body as well as spirit. With your generous support, Rowe will continue to be a place where people gather to meet friends old and new, ready for growth and renewal.

Woodside Campership Program

The Woodside Campership Program promotes both cultural and economic diversity in our youth camp programs by providing full and partial camp scholarships. One of the unique aspects of our cultural diversity program is that, once awarded, scholarships are guaranteed for the child's entire camp career. Rowe offers a protected, nonjudgmental space where young people—the leaders of tomorrow—are unafraid to relate and connect in a diverse community by learning to interact in caring, thoughtful ways that honor the principles of social justice.

Become A Member

By becoming a member of Rowe, you are joining a community of people who provide stewardship for The Rowe Center. You can help support a warm, non-competitive environment in which people can experience community, creativity, learning, and joy, as well as personal and spiritual growth.

The Centennial Campaign

Although our mission has remained the same since 1924, The Rowe Center has continued to grow in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. The Centennial Campaign is both a celebration of what will shortly be 100 years of service and a call to action. We have launched it to ensure that The Rowe Center’s buildings and grounds remain up to date and in good repair, providing a solid foundation for the vitally important and incredibly rare work that we do here.

Anita Pickett Society

Build a legacy that will last forever. The Anita Pickett Society is made up of members and friends who have remembered Rowe in their estate plans. The Society is named after Rev. Anita Trueman Pickett who was one of the founders of Rowe Camp, because bequests to Rowe help continue the work she began back in 1924.

Other Ways to Give: