Final Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm EDT unless otherwise noted*

Next dates are:

December 14, 7-9pm EDT**

January 25, 7-9pm EDT

February 22, 7-9pm EDT

*Skipping November

**December date moved so as not to interfere with holidays

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About The Program

Warriors are sworn to preserve and protect. They run into danger, while others flee. They are best suited to respond in times of crisis because they have already served in the zones of hell, and their purpose is to serve and sacrifice for the good of others. At the same time, having been exposed to violent threats, they are vulnerable to increased trauma and breakdown.

We meet each month for a free Zoom session where we can learn from and support each other.

Check out recordings of previous Gatherings and Charlie Pacello's article, Broken Hearted Over Kabul: What Was It All For?


As with our other online programs, the live session will also be recorded. The recording will be posted along with other past Gatherings under the presenters' name on the Recorded Programs page.

December 14

Theme: TBD

January 25

Theme: TBD

February 22

Theme: TBD

Meet the Presenters

Charlie Pacello

Charlie Pacello

Charlie Pacello is a self-help teacher, life coach, actor, and humanitarian. An Air Force veteran and graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Charles provides individuals and groups the tools they need to heal, renew, and transform. He lives in Denver and currently hosts the popular radio/TV show ‘The Council’ which broadcasts live on www.KUHSdenver.com to listeners all around the globe.

Chuck Blocher

Chuck Blocher

Chuck Blocher was a Captain in the US Air Force and has been a life coach for the last fifteen years. He received his doctoral degree with a concentration in psychology and a specialization in leadership from The Union Institute & University. He completed a certificate in Spiritual Guidance from the Rowe Center and one in coaching from the Coach Training Institute.