September 30th – October 2nd

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About The Program

Learn how to make yourself at home in your body and in your mind, at this place, at this time, through being present with your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and emotions.

You might not know Edward’s name immediately, but you probably know the legendary Tassajara Bread Book and that staple of the Rowe kitchen, The Complete Tassajara Cookbook — both authored by Edward. He’s also a noted Zen teacher, and this weekend he will share his Zen and Beyond Zen tools and resources, views and teachings—including the utter impossibility of getting the world to be invariably to your liking—so that you can endeavor to be at home in the here-and-now, at home on the groundless ground. You’ll be sitting quietly, walking on the earth, and doing some qi gong, useful practices for seeing what you notice, for noticing what you see. You’ll also participate in Tastings, not to see if something tastes the way it should, but to taste what is actually in your mouth. Feeling your way along, you’ll be coming home – to the moment, to your senses, and to your heart. Welcome.

Meet the Presenter

Edward Espe Brown

Edward Espe Brown

Edward Espe Brown began Zen practice and cooking in 1965 and was ordained as a priest by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in 1971. His teaching style is both light-hearted and penetrating, incorporating poetry and story-telling. In addition to writing The Tassajara Bread Book, The Complete Tassajara Cookbook, and No Recipe, he is the editor of Not Always So, Zen lectures by Suzuki Roshi. The Most Important Point, a collection of Edward’s lectures, was published last year. He is the subject of the critically acclaimed movie How to Cook Your Life and also leads workshops on Liberation Through Handwriting and Mindfulness Touch.