Important COVID-19 Note:

 Please note that proof of COVID-19 vaccination and negative test is required to attend any on-site events at The Rowe Center including the annual meeting. We strongly encourage members that are intersted in attending in person to register in advance and email proof of vaccination to

You may bring your card and test with you to check-in, but if you forget, you will not be able to attend the meeting.

Join us for the Annual Meeting

The Board of Trustees and Rowe Staff cordially invite all members to attend the Annual Meeting of the corporation. In order to accommodate as many members as safely as possible, Rowe has decided to hold a hybrid annual meeting on Saturday, September 10, 2022, from 2:30 p.m to 6:00 pm. Members can attend either in person or via webinar. We encourage everyone to attend and let their voices be heard. Please check back frequently for the latest information and to register to attend online.

Simplified Agenda:

  • Call to Order and Welcome
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Approval of Sept. 11, 2021, Annual Meeting Minutes [Discussion and Vote]
  • Nominating Committee Report and Presentation of 2022-2023 Trustees for Election [Discussion and Vote]
  • Presentation of Proposed 2022-2023 Budget [Discussion and Vote]
  • Special Recognition
  • Youth Programs Advisory Committee Report
  • Result of Vote Count for the Election of Trustees
  • President’s Transition and Remarks
  • Open Discussion Forum
  • Adjournment

Voting for the Slate of Trustees

There are three ways to vote for the slate of trustees this year: vote online before the meeting, vote by mail before the meeting, or vote at the meeting. Due to the current board schedule, the slate of trustees will not be available until after August 19th.

In order to vote, members must have paid their dues by August 10, 2022.

Vote Online Before the Meeting:

Voting online is quick, safe, and easy!

Vote By Mail Before the Meeting:

To vote by mail, please print and return a copy of the paper ballot

Clerk, Board of Trustees
The Rowe Center, 22 Kings Highway
Rowe, MA 01367

Ballots must be received by Wednesday September 7th

Vote at the Meeting:

In person and online participants will have the opportunity to vote at the meeting. If you plan to attend online, please register in advance. Instructions on how to vote will be given at the meeting.

Meet The Slate of Candidates

Karen Judd

Karen Judd


2 Year Term

Mathew Swerdloff

Mathew Swerdloff


3 Year Term

Jane Kaufman

Jane Kaufman


3 Year Term

Ann Crawford

Ann Crawford


3 Year Term

Kim Gabert

Kim Gabert

Member At-Large

3 Year Term

Learn about the Slate
Learn About Karen Judd

Karen L. Judd (Judd) came to Rowe as a three-month-old infant with her parents who were the Camp Manager and the Camp Housekeeper/Coordinator of the Rowe kitchen. Her father was a Rowe Camper from 1937 until 1944, when he was sent to fight in World War II. Her parents were Camp registrars from 1958 to 1970. She was a Rowe Camper/Counselor from 1963 to 1969. That wonderful sense, feel and experience of Rowe remained with her throughout her adult life, yet not until 2006 did she begin to attend the Members and Friends Weekends. Judd was flooded with joy that first weekend and every time since. She is a clinical Social Worker who has been blessed with serving others in several capacities of local and state services, profit and non-profit agencies, and currently is in private practice as a psychotherapist. All three of her degrees are in Social Work and Public Administration: Cincinnati (BS); Denver (MSW); Orlando (PhD). She has three sons and 6 grandchildren. She is looking forward to Rowe’s 100 Year Celebration in 2024. There’s a lot to be grateful for…a lot to experience.

Learn About Mathew Swerdloff

Mathew Swerdloff, began his connection with Rowe as a men’s workshop participant in 1989. He found the content of the workshop and the connection with other participants to be healing and transformative, and has been returning to Rowe ever since to attend workshops and for personal retreats. Mathew has developed a deep affinity for the place, the people, and the purpose of Rowe over the past thirty years. Beginning in 2010, he was delighted to share Rowe with his children Adin and Maya Gold, who began as Rowe campers and attended for many years. Mathew has been an educator in New York state since 1993, having served as a classroom teacher and in various school and district leadership positions. He currently teaches aspiring school leaders in the Educational Leadership program at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Mathew has a Masters in Education and a Doctorate in Instructional Leadership. Mathew is honored to be a part of the Rowe Board and looks forward to serving the entire Rowe community to bring the mission and vision of Rowe forward.

Learn About Jane Kaufman

Jane Kaufman began her relationship with Rowe in 1994 when she attended Recovery Camp. Transformed by the experience, she has kept Rowe in her heart for the past 27 years. Besides attending several camps and conferences, Jane was a counselor for Young People’s Camp and was a staff member, working as registrar and cook in 2005-06. Jane held committee chair positions in Narcotics Anonymous Area Service for 8 years and has an Masters Degree in Social Work. She enjoys being of service and offers her time and skill to the Board in pure appreciation of the magic that is Rowe Camp.

Learn About Ann Crawford

Ann Crawford found Rowe through an unusual web of connections from librarians to singers. Her first workshop experience at Rowe was deeply moving, and she has been returning regularly ever since. Ann has worked in higher education administration for over two decades, particularly in libraries, IT, facilities, and finance. She holds masters degrees in library and information science, education, and business administration. She is an enthusiastic but inexpert singer, a lifelong knitter and stitcher, and a sometime gardener. Ann looks forward to putting her experience into service for Rowe.

Learn About Kim Gabert

Kim Gabert first came to the Rowe Center with her extended family to attend a wedding which was held behind the Farmhouse in the seventies. She attended Junior High Camp from 1977 to 1983, first as a camper, then as a CIT and Counselor. In 2009, Kim attended her first Kindred Spirits Camp, and has only missed one year of it since then. Kim has worked as a librarian for over 20 years in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and is currently the Library Director for the Tyler Memorial Library in Charlemont. She lives in the Town of Rowe with her mother (Prue Berry) and her step-father (Douglas Wilson), both retired Directors of the Rowe Center, along with four cats and a twenty three year old cockatiel. She looks forward to contributing to the Rowe Center as a Board member and to adding another layer to her lifelong connection to the Rowe Community.

Don’t Forget Members & Friends!

So many consider Rowe their home away from home that it is only appropriate that this year we say “WELCOME HOME”!

Enjoy a weekend of friends, fellowship and deeper engagement with the Rowe community. We have lots of activities planned that are both fun and educational a conversation with Rowe’s Summer Archivist in residence, roundtables and listening sessions, and much much more. Let your voice and vote be heard at the annual meeting, as we talk about the past year and the vision for the future. You can also enjoy old favorites like the picnic at Pelham and Sunday chapel service.