September 23rd-25th

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About The Program

Check out Perdita Finn’s upcoming online program, Take Back the Magic: Getting to Know the Dead, and her articles Mothers of the Dead: Abortion as Initiation and Where are the Dead Now?

Nowhere do our linear notions of life get us in more trouble than in discussions about abortion. On the one hand life “begins” at conception—on the other pregnancy is simply replicating cells within us. Neither entrenched position honors the mysterious length of a soul which is vaster, longer, and more entwined with ours than we can possibly imagine.

How do we have a new conversation about what it means to say “no” to a life but not to a soul? What happens when we place this choice in the entangled stories of souls that begin long before any human conception and continue long after single lives? What does it mean for a soul to show up at the “wrong” time or in the “wrong” way? Why has this soul connected to ours? How do we honor that relationship even as we choose to continue it with the living?

We will look at abortion rituals from around the world, such as they are, and throughout history as we create our own meaningful healing ceremonies together. There will be ample time for storytelling, for claiming our own intuitions about what we have experienced, and for finding new ways to free ourselves from shame and guilt. Let us together tell new stories about one of women’s oldest and most important choices.

Meet the Presenter

Perdita Finn

Perdita Finn

Perdita Finn is the author of the forthcoming Take Back the Magic (Running Press, 2023) and teaches popular workshops on collaborating with the dead. With her husband Clark Strand she is the founder of the international fellowship The Way of the Rose and the book of the same name, dedicated to the earth, the rosary, and the Lady “by any name you want to call Her.” She lives in the mossy shadows of the Catskill Mountains with her family, bears, owls, ferns, woodchucks, white pines, hemlocks and maple trees.