October 14th-16th

Friday, 7-9pm EDT

Saturday, 10am-1pm EDT
Saturday, 3-5pm EDT
Saturday, 7-9pm EDT

Sunday, 10am-1pm EDT

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As with our other online programs, the live sessions will also be recorded, so you can participate live AND/OR by watching the recordings (we will share recordings as soon as possible; they will be available at the latest by 48 hours after the program ends).

The info to access the recordings will be shared after you register. Recordings will be available for 6 months.

About The Program

Trapped in a culture that shames and tames us, we often struggle to give full voice to our passions and purpose. But a Wild Soul Woman will not be silenced. Relying on the strength and power of the five Earth archetypes, she speaks her truth, stands up for her values, and becomes an eloquent defender of life.

This weekend online retreat is about stepping up to this moment, to become the kind of woman and feminine leader who is ready to participate creatively and whole-heartedly in re-imagining and actively participating in forming a more glorious, sustainable, and equitable world. And so you will travel into the deepest and most untamed aspects of the soul. You will enter the realm of archetypes, metaphors, symbols, dreams, and imagery, where ancient Earth energies shed light on the fullness of who you are.

As you awaken to the Five Earth Archetypes of Desert Woman, Forest Woman, Ocean and River Woman, Mountain Woman, and Grassland Woman you will see how you carry the power of these ancestral landscapes within you, and how they support and inform the rewilding of your own soul. Everything about this journey of initiation is feminine, instinctual, embodied, and Earth-conscious. It is infused with poetry (read and written), ritual, nature connection, visualizations, journaling, meditation, and movement. That experience is the heart of this retreat.

How it works:
This is designed to be as close to an in-person retreat as possible. Aside from being on Zoom together, there will be time to integrate the learnings in your own home or out of doors. You’ll move back and forth from solitude to sisterhood, savoring deep dives in between Zoom sessions and rich conversations and explorations online. Even before the retreat begins, you’ll receive the gift of a visualization to prepare the way for the days that follow.

Who This Is For:
This online retreat is for any woman who longs to unleash her creative, passionate and authentic self in service of living and giving more fully. For those of you who have taken aspects of this journey before in my Forest Woman, Ocean and River Woman, and Grassland Woman courses, please know this is where all the pieces come together, and you feel a deep integration that brings your Wild Soul Woman fully alive.

Check out Mary Reynolds Thompson’s free recorded programs and her articles: Entering the Forests of Our Imagination and Lessons from the Desert in Times of Crisis.

Introducing the Archetypes of a Wild Soul Woman and the Five Stages of the Journey

Desert Woman: Barren Worlds
As Desert Woman you confront your barrenness—those places in your life where you no longer feel fertile or fruitful. This is a thorny way to begin a journey, and many would avoid it. But barrenness is a natural part of the cycle of life. Owning your inner emptiness, you begin to make room for new ways of being.

Forest Woman: The Dark Womb
Forest Woman heralds a fecund period, rich in imagination and exploration. In her womb-like darkness, you begin to plant the seeds of new dreams, of barely sensed possibilities. This is not the time for literalness or for urging your dreams into the light of day. You must wait until the seeds of your new life take hold in the depth of your being.

Ocean and River Woman: The Waters Break
As Ocean and River Woman you feel an urgency to express and experience what you incubated as Forest Woman. Immersed in this free-flowing, dynamic archetype, you feel a yearning to live from the depths of your heart in service of your deepest longings. Your emotions, like water building behind a dam, are set to break through any resistance, preparing you to birth your authentic and wild self into the world.

Mountain Woman: Giving Birth
As Mountain Woman you are in touch with your inner agency, alive to your sacred dreams, and ready to emerge into the world as an authentic, unstoppable force. This is your time to initiate a new project, find your voice, serve your community, spark a movement. You are a creatrix, ready to remake the map of the world.

Grassland Woman: Nurturing the Newborn
As Grassland Woman your emboldened and enlarged sense of Self takes hold, roots, and flourishes back in community. You see with new eyes, weave with new hands, dance to the rhythms of nature. You bear sacred medicine and are ready to offer it as a gift to the world.

Together, my sisters, we are about to change the world. We are wondrous. We are rising. We are wild.

Video Introduction from the Presenter

Meet the Presenter

Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary Reynolds Thompson is an international teacher, facilitator of poetry and journal therapy, and core faculty for the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Colorado. She is the author of several books, including the award-winning Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness. She has successfully run many online courses (including many through the Rowe Center) and is experienced in holding the space. Her book, A Wild Soul Woman: 5 Earth Archetypes to Unleash Your Full Feminine Power, releases September 22, 2022.